Be Happy. Feel Beautiful. Feel Healthy.

"10 months ago I looked in the mirror and decided I wanted to change. Not just my weight but my whole mind set. I’d tried every diet under the sun and all went well for a week or two but I reverted back to old habits. In fact more often than not I put on more than I ever lost. I’m 5ft 1” and I’d reached 13 stone... heavier than full term pregnancy. Then I met Phil and decided this was my last shot. Precision Nutrition is a life changing programme. It’s not a diet but an education. Phil helps you create good habits and encourages positivity without you really realising you’re changing. All you have to do is be really honest about yourself and dedicate a little time. Phil is encouraging and helpful through your whole journey and I could not have done this without him. 3st 7lbs lighter in 10 months. I haven’t starved, no crazy shakes, no missing meals, no hunger. Just a change in who I wanted to be. A belief in myself. Phil your dedication is incredible and your constant reassurance, passion and gentle persuasion was totally effective. Phil’s programme works! Thank you from the bottom of my heart I couldn’t have done this without you!"

Gina Woolf
Mum and Business Owner

"Having spent years doing fad diets and workouts that pushed me to several injuries, I was ready for a new approach. Phil's positive attitude and understanding nature is a massive boost when you feel that doing it all by yourself just isn't working. I've fallen off the wagon a couple of times and rather than tell me off, we talk about how to improve things from there on. Highly, highly recommend him as a pillar to your workout goals. It's a slow road but it's one you'll only walk once as Phil helps you change your lifestyle to maintain your health and fitness ambitions, always with a massive smile on his face. Thanks Phil!"

Charlotte Beard

"Only four months in but Phil’s made a huge difference to my lifestyle & the way I feel, most importantly forming new habits that will endure. Not only feeling better but I’ve got more energy and really positive about the changes becoming permanent. If you’ve tried and failed on your own and are fed up with yo-yo-ing then I would highly recommend getting in touch with Phil! 👍🏼👍🏼😎"

Mark Peters